Service Verification

Name of the Department HOME DEPARTMENT
Name of the Service Service Verification
Whom to approach for this service (Designated Officer)? PI(DSB) in DPOs/ACP/PI (CSB) in COPs
Procedure involved to get this service Sumbission of application
Form to be submitted to get this service
Who are eligible to get this service Citizen
Documents to be enclosed with the request 1. APPLICATION AND CONNECTED RECORDS
Fee/Charges to be paid to get the service 20 days for local verification and 45 days for outside jurisdiction verification Fees varies from service to service verification
Maximum number of days to wait to get this service delivered 20 Working Days
Whom to approach as a appeal (Competent Officer), if the service is not delivered in time or rejected by officer Addl SP/SP/DCP(Int) in Blore COP/DCP(LO) in other COPs
Maximum number of days to wait to get the decision of the Competent Officer 7 Working Days
Whom to approach as 2nd appeal (Appellate Authority), if the decision of the Competent officer is not acceptable or not implemented ? SP / Addl CP Admin in Bangalore City / CP in other COPs
Maximum no. of days to wait to get the decision of Appellate Authority 7 Working Days
Other information
Website (if online)
Reference Document

Work Flow

Step Description No. of Days Designation
1 Receipt of Application entering in the registers and forwarding to outward section from outward section to concerned DPO DCP From DPO DCP to SDPO ACP From SDPO ACP to PS 5.00 Police Inspector/Circle Police Inspector
2 After verification in PS seding the report to SDPO ACP to DPO in the Cities DCP to COP for final disposal 15.00 Superintendent of Police